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Project "RENACER"

A new opportunity for young single mothers

The RENACER Project is a comprehensive training program that helps young single mothers in vulnerable conditions so that they can improve and transform their lives, breaking the cycle of gender inequality and violence (in which they have been subjected), restoring their rights and contributing to the improvement of society.
The comprehensive education of women is important because, as women are the primary educators of children, they can break the cycle of exclusion, violence and poverty and train their children as responsible and responsible citizens.
The RENACER Project is made up of a set of non-formal education activities aimed at developing their capacities, abilities and talents, so that they can improve their self-esteem, empower themselves, undertake to be self-sustainable and achieve economic and social inclusion.
Project developed and currently on hiatus due to the COVID19 / ECONOMIC crisis.
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Fundación NÚR Desarrollo Humano, Inclusión y Solidaridad is a non-profit organization legally established by Resolution MIES-CZ-6-DDC-2019-0008-R of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion of the Republic of Ecuador, to comprehensively address the needs of various vulnerable social groups.
We are registered at the SRI as a non-profit organization with RUC number 0190480984001