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We can change lives

In addition to its training and support work, Fundación NÚR focuses a large part of its efforts on alleviating the hunger of four population groups in and around the city of Cuenca. We can never cover all the demand, but with your help we will be able to reach more people in need.

Why should you help?

Because it is:

  • URGENT - We have more than 40 families requesting inmediate assistance. Currently (17 May 2021) we can only serve 25 per week.
  • RELIABLE -You can request to sponsor one or more specific families, and we will send you month by month the use of your contribution, with photos of the food deliveries and details of the impact achieved.
  • FAST AND SECURE - We use the PayPal platform where you can use any credit card securely, and where you can remove your subscription at any time. 
  • Help us to support our community - We can change lives -  
  • Please subscribe to make a monthly donation

EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE: We believe that education is key to help the kids and adults that Fundación Núr supports. Your contribution will help us keep all of our educational and counseling services running.