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We accompany the transformation and individual development of people in vulnerable situations, in order to improve their lives, improve their personal relationships, and contribute to the construction of a more just society.

  • Our MISSION: Work with girls, boys, adolescents and their families; single young mothers; young people and adults at risk, to equip them with the necessary tools to develop individual and social capacities that allow them to take responsibility for their lives and their environment.  Through comprehensive training activities, contribute to improving their living conditions so that they are able to develop their full potential, take an active part, be protagonists and true agents of their own change and contribute responsibly to the improvement of their community and the society.
  • Our VISION: Contribute to the improvement of our society by helping and accompanying people in situations of vulnerability and exclusion to improve their lives, their environment and their community.

Our Values:

We believe that relationships of cooperation, reciprocity and service focused on the common good are the means to achieve a more equitable and just society.

We believe in service-oriented personal development as a means for individual and societal transformation.

We believe in the essential nobility of the human being and the development of its capacities and potentialities, through a comprehensive education, which connects the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual dimensions of human nature.

We believe that Unity in Diversity is the guiding principle to ensure the peaceful coexistence of all society.

We believe in the search for the meaning of transcendence, for a life with spiritual purpose and principles, and its social application.

Fundación NÚR Desarrollo Humano, Inclusión y Solidaridad is a non-profit organization legally established by Resolution MIES-CZ-6-DDC-2019-0008-R of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion of the Republic of Ecuador, to comprehensively address the needs of various vulnerable social groups.
We are registered at the SRI as a non-profit organization with RUC number 0190480984001