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From September to June, we work with our free program "GEMAS BRILLANTES", focused on vulnerable children. In them we sow the seed of peace, understanding, equality, awakening potentialities and teaching solidarity and respect


Emotional education - Education for Peace

We educate to recognize and manage emotions, develop social skills and manage resilience.

We encourage the development of ethical and moral capacities to build good people; the understanding of interculturality; respect and appreciation abroad; gender equity; and respect and appreciation of women.


Art Training - Psychopedagogical Accompaniment - Directed Tasks

Through art we enhance the creative part of children's brains, connect them with their inner essence, and allow them to express all kinds of emotions.
We carry out activities to support the teaching-learning process through two strategies:
- Psycho-pedagogical intervention, which helps children to strengthen their strengths and reduce their weaknesses.
- Support in school assignments, providing security and self-confidence, and improving their performance.


School for Parents

Through five free workshops per quarter, parents are offered:
Information, basic knowledge and tools on respectful parenting and positive discipline.
- Educational and training resources to promote healthy attitudes, values, emotional and social skills in their children, which allow them to face the reality of their lives in a responsible manner

Our Volunteers 2019

We have a handful of brave people with a generous heart that day by day work for children, building a more just world for everyone. With multiple nationalities and different professions, they offer with love all their knowledge and experiences.
They are the soul of Fundación NÚR


Do you want to help us?

All our activities are free, and are supported with the contribution of people of good will.

Fundación NÚR Desarrollo Humano, Inclusión y Solidaridad is a non-profit organization legally established by Resolution MIES-CZ-6-DDC-2019-0008-R of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion of the Republic of Ecuador, to comprehensively address the needs of various vulnerable social groups.
We are registered at the SRI as a non-profit organization with RUC number 0190480984001