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Fundación NÚR faces the challenge of a new era.
This global crisis has hit us very hard. We are reacting fast and learning and improving day by day. 

Without abandoning our formative vocation, we decided initially that the priority was the food emergency. Huge sectors of the population of Cuenca literally face hunger, with all their few job possibilities cut off.
We could not think of training individuals if they had no food, if their families lived in anguish and despair.
We acted and contained the crisis of many families. As many as we could.

We reconverted ourselves to assume this new role, without abandoning the others, formation of children and their parents, psychological support, attention to abuses and urgent needs, to which we had to adapt to methodologies at a distance, efficient and safe for all.

This put us in front of another reality: how can a family pay for a few minutes of internet if they don't have money to eat? How can we give psychological and educational support and training workshops to those who are disconnected?
Challenges, challenges and more challenges.
This is where the SOLIDARITY FAMILY SUPPORT plan comes from, it is wide, flexible, thought from the depth of this crisis and with the will to help as many families in need as possible. 

Fundación NÚR Desarrollo Humano, Inclusión y Solidaridad is a non-profit organization legally established by Resolution MIES-CZ-6-DDC-2019-0008-R of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion of the Republic of Ecuador, to comprehensively address the needs of various vulnerable social groups.
We are registered at the SRI as a non-profit organization with RUC number 0190480984001